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Amazon Tutorials 03- Different Ways to Sell on Amazon

Posted on October 18 2018

Amazon Tutorials 03- Different Ways to Sell on Amazon

Welcome to our series of selling on Amazon Tutorial No.3. In Today's tutorial we will take you a guide on the different ways to sell on amazon.

1. Retail Arbitrage:

One of the best ways to start with retail arbitrage is to look for unwanted items in your House/Garage and list them on Amazon for sell. eg. Books. scan Barcodes using seller Apps like ProfitBandit or FreesellerApp. One big tip is to look for items to flip from bigger retailers.

2. Wholesale

Look for companies that will be the middleman for what you want to sell and list their products on Amazon for them

3.Trade Shows
 Look for wholesale companies or products you can private label
I. At trade shows, companies will set up to showcase you the products they have available to sell or private label

4.Faux Private Label / Bundling
Putting a group of different well-selling items together and offering them to
a  buyer as your own label product

5.Private Labelling
Find a product and put your own label on it.Cons: high costs to get started, just getting product
This is one to go by consulting on someone's product .Once you acquire knowledge you can offer to list products for other people Or become a partner by splitting responsibilities i.e.. Control Sales, Invest in the Product or offer your skill set to someone. Going on a percentage share, offer your amazon selling knowledge base for a percentage of their amazon sales

One of the best way to start an Amazon Business, to do this you need to find a manufacturer that has goods available, that you sell on amazon, but they ship for you. i.e.. Merch Fulfil (you fulfil the shipping).
8.Merch by Amazon

Merch by Amazon is by one of the most lucrative business models to start with any time of the year. Your basically, open an Amazon Merch account and upload designs to printed on t-shirts and other Items. Amazon sells the shirts for you
,Amazon collects payment and ships products and in return you collect ‘Royalty’.
As drops-hipping you can start merch with little money and no inventory.

9.Print-on-demand service
In case you don't get approved through Merch, a way to sell your items on Amazon is to create print-on-demand items from your Shopify store and upload to Amazon.



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