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Custom Print on Demand Design Template Vectors 300 DPI

Posted on September 10 2019

Custom Print on Demand Design Template Vectors 300 DPI


A lot of work goes into starting a graphic tee business. You need to set up your website, make decisions on pricing, hire staff for production and customer service, and make countless other decisions. If you are looking to start a tee shirt business, or if you print custom, on demand items like mugs, business cards, or other promotional items, then look no further for your vector art files.

There is no need to spend exorbitant amounts of money to hire graphic designers to create your vector artwork for you, nor do you need to wait for designs to be rendered. We offer high quality packages of design files that are ready to be printed on tee shirts or other mediums, at prices that won’t break the bank. If you are looking to get your new tee shirt business off the ground, saving money on overhead is crucial. Our designs are unique, current, have the ability to be changed or edited, and will not break the bank.

With over twelve years of graphic design experience, design is our passion. Our artists are highly skilled and work with several different types of design software such as CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Indesign. We keep an eye on trending and popular designs that are being converted and sold, using them to inspire our own designs for an end result that is unique, current and ready to be printed at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own in-house designer.

Our design packages include one hundred designs, and each file comes in four formats so that you can choose the file type that is easiest for you to work with. All files have a quality of over 300 DPI, meaning that you will have crystal clear images to work with. The importance of using a clear vector file for printing is significant. Vector artwork maintains its integrity when the image is stretched, shrunk or otherwise altered or scaled to fit the project that you are printing. Low quality, pixelated images will blur and lose their shape when they are altered, leaving you with a low quality end result. Pixelated images can be converted to vector files, but the cost to do so can be prohibitive. Starting out with high quality, ready to print files is the best way to go, and is what we specialize in.
When you purchase our packages, not only do you receive dozens of popular, trendy, eye catching designs, but you will also receive some added bonuses to help you start your tee shirt business.

In addition to the one hundred vector files, you’ll gain access to image templates, .psd templates and typographic elements, as well as charts and information to help you with pricing, marketing advice to ensure that you are reaching your target customers, creating bundle packages, and other tutorials that are extremely useful to brand new business owners. Lean how to sell your printed tees on Amazon, and how to judge the amount of materials that you will need to fulfill your orders, all while securing one hundred ready to print vector art design files.

When you purchase our design bundles, you are able to upload them right away meaning that there is absolutely no wait time. In today’s fast paced world speedy production is key, especially for new companies that are trying to compete with more established businesses. Cut your production time down by uploading our designs which are ready to use in minutes. With our ready to upload file bundles, you can get your tee shirts printed in no time at all, meaning that you can serve your customers and increase your supply without waiting at all for your designs. 

So stop searching for a graphic designer. Save time and money while gaining access to valuable tutorials by purchasing our vector art design packages. We’ve already done the work. We’ve already researched what styles and designs are popular. We’ve already put them all together in a convenient package that is priced with your pocket in mind. We’ve already guaranteed the quality and integrity of every line in each design. All you need to do is upload and go, and you can immediately start churning out high quality printed tees that are fashionable, fun and in demand.